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Hi, my name is Jeff Lerner. And in the next three minutes, I'm going to show you the fastest way to become a millionaire. Don't believe me? Then keep watching. Every single day, over 1,700 people become millionaires in America alone and it's more than double that across the globe. These are people from all walks of life, most of them people just like you. They sit across from you in the coffee shop, they walk past you in the grocery store, and they even live right down the street from your house. People are becoming millionaires faster and easier than ever before. And if you stick with me, I'm going to show you how you can do it too. Now, before we get into the training, let me tell you a little bit about myself so you know that I'm actually qualified to teach you how to become a millionaire. Since 2008, I've made over $50 million in my online businesses. I've been named to the Inc. 5000 twice. I've won a bunch of different awards, including the coveted eight-figure award twice.

And I've taught hundreds of other people how to do it. So as you can imagine, that's completely changed my quality of life from where I was before. And I want to tell you how I did it so you can do it too. Now, before I started my online business, I was a physically injured piano player. I had hurt my hand right here so I couldn't do the thing that I had previously done to try to make a living. And I had spent about a decade as a professional piano player but I never made more than $40,000 a year. I was way beyond broke and I actually was $400,000 in debt from losing a franchise restaurant that I tried to start. I'd been evicted from my apartment. I was hiding from creditors. And then on top of all that, my wife left me. So I had officially hit rock bottom. And out of complete desperation, I started looking for a way to make money online.

And after what seemed like an endless, wild goose chase, going down a hundred rabbit holes, I finally found some real training that actually worked. And more importantly, I think even then finding good training, I found a mentor who was willing to help me. I basically found a millionaire that I could copy and he showed me how I could use the internet to change my life. In the next 18 months, I paid off over $400,000 worth of debt. And since then, I've generated over $50 million, gotten remarried, moved, started working out again, and generally just turned my life around in every way. And in that story is the real secret to my success and the success of all the millionaires I know. You find a mentor. You copy what they did to become successful. That is the fastest way for the average person to become a millionaire.

So today I want to give you the opportunity to do the same thing. I'm going to let you copy the top three business models that I've used to become a millionaire. And the best part is these can all be done right from your laptop or mobile phone. Plus I've now been teaching them for a few years and people just like you with little to no experience are making up to $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month, and some of them have even become millionaires themselves. But before we get into how they did it, I've got to level with you. Just because my students and I have used these methods to become millionaires, that doesn't guarantee that you will. The harsh reality is most people make nothing with this type of information because they don't do anything with it. See, these are real strategies for real life, not some fairytale which means you actually have to learn the skills and do the work to create an awesome life for yourself.

Now, I'm sure you're intelligent enough to understand that. But my lawyers and the FTC require me to say it before we go any further just in case you got the wrong idea. And if you're the type that likes to read all the legal jargon, well, there's an income disclaimer below the video and at for your reading pleasure. Now, if you're still here after hearing that creating the life you want actually takes work, then you probably have what it takes to do this. And in that case, I have some exciting news for you. If you're a big dreamer like me, someone that's willing to learn the skills and do the hard work, then it really is possible for you to create an awesome life for you and your family. Now, before we go any further, I want you to really think about what becoming a millionaire means to you.

I'm sure it's about more than just the money. For me, it's about freedom. It's about security. It's about leaving a legacy for my kids and their kids. And it's about having fun and living carefree. So what is it for you? How will your life change when you hit that goal? How will you feel? Now, hold onto that feeling because if you stick with me until the end of this video, I'm going to give you a chance to join us. But first, I want you to know that I am for real and the people that I've taught are for real. So rather than just talking about how I made money and how the people that I've taught have made money, why don't I let you actually hear from some of the people that I'm teaching right now?

Brian Magnosi:
His leadership, his teaching, his skill, his mentorship, ultimately his inspiration has helped me earn millions of dollars.

I am so excited because I finally found something that works regardless of your background, regardless of your experience.

I've been able to learn underneath Jeff, earning my first money I've ever made online through Jeff Lerner’s training.

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So we highly recommend this to anyone who's looking to build a business online.

Jeff Lerner:
Okay. So now that you know this is for real, let's talk about how we can make it real for you. The people you just heard all have one thing in common. They all went through a new step-by-step video training course I put together that literally gives you the blueprint for how I created an online business that generates millions of dollars in sales and transformed my life in every way. The course is called the ENTRE Blueprint. And I'm going to show you how to get access to it in just a minute. Inside the ENTRE Blueprint training, you'll learn step-by-step exactly how to set up your own wildly profitable online business. And I don't just show you one method. You'll learn the three most powerful methods for creating a real business from home available today. That way you can choose which one you like the best and run with it.

We're talking about a business where you keep all the profits, not just a percentage. And when I say exact steps, I mean step number one, do this. Here's how and why. Step number two, do this. Here's how and why. Step number three, do this. And so on. This is not some course filled with vague theories and ideas that never work for real people in the real world. This is my personal true life tested experience. And I specifically spell out how to follow the same steps and start earning real money, big money very quickly. Plus, I'm so confident in the ENTRE Blueprint training that I'm going to let you try it out with no risk. If you follow the simple steps I've laid out and it doesn't work for you, I'll send you back any money you put in. How's that for putting my money where my mouth is? And listen to this, here's just a small sample of what you're going to learn inside the training course.

Part one of the training focuses on getting you ready to be successful by teaching you the foundational principles of creating an awesome life. Now, I know a lot of people will say, Jeff, I'm already ready to be successful. Just show me how to make money. And I get it. I've been there. But the problem is if you just dive right in and start setting up your business right away, chances are you won't build something that stands the test of time. Let me explain what I'm talking about. For starters, you'll learn about the 3 P's of Excellence. These are physical, personal, and professional excellence. And I believe these make up the foundation of an awesome life. I've spent years perfecting and teaching strategies to make improving your life a practical possibility. Let's be honest. Most people struggle to maintain healthy finances and healthy relationships and a healthy body because 24 hours a day just doesn't seem to be enough.

I used to be the exact same way. But I'm going to show you how you can easily have it all just like I do now. Then I'm going to teach you what I call the three legs of successful action so you know you're always doing things that are moving you closer to your goals. And finally, you'll learn the three phases of legacy which will get you thinking with the long-term in mind so your kids and their kids and their kids will benefit from the work you're going to do with me. That is the first part of the training, the foundation. After that, you'll discover the business models that can power your awesome life. These are the business models that I used to dig out of over $400,000 in debt, generate well over $40 million in sales over the course of a decade, and that power of my life still today. All the business models I teach fit into a very special category that makes them the most powerful ways to build a long-term stable business that can fund your lifestyle for years to come.

And I refer to these businesses as digital real estate. No, I'm not talking about physical real estate like your house or an apartment. It's digital. It's on the internet. Digital real estate is a certain type of online business that functions in the same way that traditional real estate does, meaning it doesn't just generate some money for you today. It also creates real online assets that continue to generate cashflow and increase in value over time. And I guarantee you won't find this being taught in any other training course online. It's one of the secrets to long-term success that I discovered on my journey and I only share it inside this training. All right? Now let's talk quickly about the three business models and what you're going to learn inside those lessons. With business model number one, you'll learn how to build the ultimate lifestyle business. This is the exact business that originally helped me dig out of over $400,000 in debt within 18 months and set me on the path to massive success online.

And I did it all without having any of my own products, without knowing how to build websites, without investing in any inventory, and without needing to hire and manage employees. Literally all I needed was my laptop and an internet connection. And I was able to build a multiple seven-figure per year business from home. I'll walk you through exactly how it works and how you can literally start making money with it in the next week. With business model number two, you'll learn how to build the ultimate cashflow business. This is the business I started after I paid off all my debts and learned the ropes of how online business works. And inside this business, I get paid anywhere from $300 to $2,500 per month in residual income from each new customer I add to the business. And I've added thousands of them. You'll learn all about how to do it inside the training.

And I'll also share with you how I built this business to over $250,000 per month in residual income and then sold the asset to another company for multiple seven figures at once. Then with business model number three, you'll learn how to build the ultimate long-term legacy business. And this is where I'm focused at this point in my entrepreneurial journey. After I sold my previous business for multiple seven figures, I knew I wanted to do something huge that would impact people's lives all over the world and leave a legacy, not only for me and my family but for generations to come. And inside this training, I'll show you how I've been able to take everything I've learned on my journey and use it to create an eight-figure business. And you'll learn exactly how this business works and how you can copy exactly what I'm doing to build your own legacy business.

Well, tell me that's not all pretty amazing, right? The step-by-step blueprint that I lay out for you inside this training is going to blow your mind. And it has been proven to work for people just like you. Now, there's one catch. I’m not going to be offering this training forever. In fact, this will probably be the last chance you get to see it. So if you want to be one of the lucky few who get to try it out, you need to get started right now. When you get started today, you will have full access to the ENTRE Blueprint training. And the faster you get through it, the faster you'll be able to start making money. This training alone is worth thousands of dollars and it literally gives the secrets to how you can create a full-time income from home. But don't worry. You're not going to have to pay thousands of dollars for it.

I know that if you had that kind of money, you probably wouldn’t be here. So we're offering a special discount for our new test group which includes you. The initial group of beta testers invested $2,000 just to get access to this training. And they were blown away by the amount of money they made. But I am not going to charge you the normal $2,000 for this. Now we've charged that much in the past and tons of people were happy to pay that much. After all, they could easily make that back using my methods. So it was a no-brainer. I've learned that in order to take things seriously, people need to care. And in order to care, people need to invest at least something into this business. Otherwise, they'll never even get the training or even finish setting up their profile. So I'm not going to charge you $2,000.

I'm not going to charge you $1,000. I'm not even going to charge you $500. But I've got to charge you something. Simply click the button to get this for an insanely low price, the lowest I've ever given this away for. Let me repeat that. You're getting all of this for just a tiny one-time membership fee. You can't even go on a date for this small amount of money. Plus, if you get started today, I'm also going to throw in three very special bonuses. First, I'm going to give you free access to one of our ENTRE business advisors. Our business advisors are experts at helping people transform their lives by building an online business. Each advisor is hand selected for their personal business results and for experience in helping others achieve the same type of results in their business. You'll have the opportunity to work with them one-on-one as you go through the training so they can answer any questions you have and help you choose the right business for you so you can start getting results as quickly as possible.

Typically, it would cost over $200 an hour to work with a personal business advisor. But you'll get access to one for free when you get started today. Next, I'm actually going to give you a copy of my most valuable life and business training course called The Awesome Life Challenge. Now, if you can't tell already, my mission is helping other people create an awesome life. And inside this training, I break down everything I've learned from over a decade of study into a daily video training that will help you transform all aspects of your life: personal, professional, and even physical. Think about it. Everyone wants to have an awesome life but most people never actually do anything about it.

But that's about to change for you when you get access to The Awesome Life Challenge today. Normally, this training goes for $200 by itself. But when you get started today and watch the entire ENTRE Blueprint training, I'm going to give it to you for free. And last but definitely not least, I'm going to give you something that would have been a game changer for me when I first got started. Like I said before, even though now I'm successful, it definitely did not start out that way. In the beginning, I struggled like most others do. I failed at seven businesses before something finally clicked. And when I look back and I try to figure out why, it is crystal clear. I was doing it all alone. I didn't have a place where there were other like-minded people. I didn't have anyone to relate to or to bounce ideas off of.

When I got started, there really was no place where aspiring entrepreneurs like me could feel at home. And that is how the idea for ENTRE Nation was born. See, I've been doing this long enough to know that feeling isolated, even a bit depressed is a very common thing for entrepreneurs. So in 2018, I created a group for anyone who is trying to build a business to fuel their awesome life. And since then, it has grown to include thousands of entrepreneurs and students supporting each other and cheering each other on. If I had to pin down one single reason why my students have such high success rates and why my training gets such good reviews online, ENTRE Nation is it. People that work with me never have to feel alone. And if I'm really getting down to what drives me, it's honestly not even really about teaching cashflow and business.

I want to build a movement of people who are not just making a great living but are living awesome lives and inspiring others. And it's working. Since it started, I have seen firsthand the effect that ENTRE Nation has had on people's lives and my mission now is to grow it to 1 million members over the next 10 years. And in the past, I've charged up to $175 per year to be a member of ENTRE Nation, and thousands of paid it. But when you join today, you'll get lifetime access to ENTRE Nation 100% free. So let me recap all that. Here's everything you're going to get when you make the decision to join us today. You're going to get the ENTRE Blueprint training course that teaches you the foundations of being a successful business owner and explains in detail the top three online business models that you can build from anywhere.

You're going to get a one-on-one business advisor to guide you through the training, answer your questions, and help you choose the business that's right for you. You're going to get The Awesome Life Challenge, my daily training that helps you improve every aspect of your life, physical, personal, and professional so you can start living your awesome life. And you're going to get access to ENTRE Nation which is going to provide all the support you need on your journey to success. The bonuses alone are worth over $600 in real world value and you're getting them 100% free when you click the button below and get started today. Plus, I'm so confident this training will change your life that I'm going to let you try it out with no risk by giving you a 30-day “Keep It All” money back guarantee. If you watch the entire training and don't believe it was worth your investment, just send us an email and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Plus, we'll let you keep the training and all the free bonuses as our gift to you. How's that for putting my money where my mouth is? Like you'd seriously have to be crazy to let this go. You have absolutely nothing to lose and you owe this to yourself to give it a shot. Go through the training, follow the steps, and just watch the results roll in. You literally can't lose and you have absolutely everything to gain. So now that all the risk is off your shoulders and onto ours, it's time to decide. If you want to change your life and grow a real business, this is the training and community you want to be a part of. Click the button below to get instant access to the ENTRE Blueprint plus the three free bonuses: your one-on-one business advisor, The Awesome Life Challenge, and access to ENTRE Nation.

Just imagine a new life with new skills, talents, and abilities. Paying off and cutting up your credit cards. Paying off and ripping up your mortgage. A home that's serene and peaceful. Vacations whenever you want. Buy a new car if you want. Money flowing into your bank account. Early retirement. It's all possible. A proven path is in front of you. So go ahead and click the button below right now. You have nothing to lose with the generous 30-day money-back guarantee. So don't delay. Don't let anything stand in your way. Don't get left behind on the sidelines while others make a fortune. You can do this. I will give you virtually everything you need. You just bring yourself and a willingness to learn. But it all starts with taking action on this page to move forward. Pay your tiny one-time membership fee and you'll instantly get access to everything you need, ready to go. There's absolutely no time to lose and no better time than right now. So click the button below right now and welcome to ENTRE.

After years of failing, I finally got myself a mentor and enrolled in various courses that taught me how to work from home, how to work at home in my pajamas or from an exotic beach somewhere else in the world. That freedom has changed my life as I've been able to embrace my passions and live and work wherever I want. And that's something that I don't take for granted. And so I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jeff for everything that he has created in the online space.

Hey, this is Jesse Singh. And I've been doing online marketing for five years now. I've built multiple six and seven-figure businesses all from home. And it wasn't always like that. I used to be a car mechanic. I got in a bad car accident and I had to find something else. I've been actually leveraging Jeff's program for a year now and I've had amazing results in my business. I actually took my online businesses to the next level. And the beauty of it is it's not all about just the business. You know, Jeff goes through everything, your mental transformation, your physical transformation. And in the last year alone, I actually lost 15 pounds. I feel much healthier. Thank you, Jeff, for everything you do.

Through my time in working online and trying to research who's the best person, the go-to person to really do quality video and quality education, I found Jeff. And he has been top-notch.

We were lost, had no idea what we were doing, had a lot of ideas. And this course will crystallize and organize and structure your daily method of operation going forward. So I highly, highly recommend it.